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Miracle to Marathon: Join the Siegels on their Journey!

Brooklyn's Journey in photos - click on photo or its description to view a full size verision of the image.
Brooklyn at birth   Brooklyn at birth   Arrival at home   Dedication
Brooklyn, caught here yawning at her tiny birth size of 2lbs / 9oz.
November 2004
  Brooklyn was barely larger than the palm of Jeff's hand; however, she was very healthy. Brooklyn's dependance on a feeding tube early in life parallels her Mom's situation.
November 2004
  Brooklyn's celebrated arrival home with her Dad and "Augee" (her grandmother); unfortunately well before Jill would be coming home.
December 2004
  Brooklyn was joined by a good number of friends and family at her dedication at 2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago.
April 2004
Chilling Out - Summer 2005   Happy Birthday   Happy New Year   Summer 2006
She can finally chill out at her grandparents home in Oklahoma.
July 2005
  Happy 1st Birthday -- she was joined again with many friends and family for this great celebration along with this amazing monkey cake.
November 2005
  Happy New Year!
January 2006
  After all this, Brooklyn comes to the conclusion that things can get a bit messy.
July 2006
October 2006   Halloween   GoJill!!   July 2008
Brooklyn is growing up fast..
October 2006
  Happy Halloween!
October 2006
  Brooklyn was one of Jill's most intense race fans -- she is seen here in her 'bigapplemiraclemarathon' T-shirt.
November 2006

Brooklyn continues to grow up!

July 2008