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Miracle to Marathon: Join Jill On The Journey!

Jill's Journey in photos - click on photo or its description to view a full size verision of the image.
Jill in ICU   First able to see Brooklyn   Feeding Tube   Breathing Treatment
Jill facing the worst - continued hypertension puts her in intensive care at St. Francis Hospital after emergency delivery.
November 2004
  After some improvement and an impending transfer to University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) Medical Center, Jill finally was able to see Brooklyn.
Late November 2004
  At UIC, Jill was fortunate to avoid a liver transplant; however, was unable to eat solid foods - the feeding tube continued.
December 2004
  Treatment continues and involves breathing therapy, dialysis, mulitple x-rays, MRIs and other tests.
Late December 2004
Learning to Walk Again   More Rehab   Graduation!!   Chicago Distance Classic
At the Rehabilitation Intstitute of Chicago (RIC); intense physical, occupational and speech therapy commenced. This included learning to walk again and other basic motor functions.
January 2005
  Rehab continues at RIC's outpatient center. Jill attended rehab three hours a day, five days a week from February through April.
April 2005
  Jill "graduates" from rehab. Here she recieves her "diploma" from her physical therapist.
April 2005
  Jill completes the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon as a milestone in her training for the New York City Marathon.
August 2006
victory   celebration      
Jill finishes the NYC Marathon with strength and much celebration.
November 2006

Jill's "entourage" supports her through the race and joins her in celebration at the famous Carnegie Deli after the race.
November 2006